Out Now: Dachshund – Cosy Mess

Dachshund's "Cosy Mess" EP showcases his signature sound, merging atmospheric tech-house with a rich vibe. The title track, "Cosy Mess," features an evolving, ethereal arpeggiated melody complemented by subtle synth stabs. "Lust" is another highlight, offering an entrancing journey with minor keys and immersive pads. Finally, "Hidden Echoes" concludes the EP with a tougher beat, dubby sounds, and sharply programmed drums, creating a captivating atmosphere. A must for house music enthusiasts!

Out Now: Steve Bug & Huxley – L.O.V.E.

Label head Steve Bug returns to his enduring imprint, teaming up with Huxley, owner of No Idea's Original, for their latest release, "L.O.V.E." This track offers a quintessential upfront house music experience, featuring classic rave stabs, a timeless vocal sample, and lively drums—a surefire crowd-pleaser showcasing the producers' distinct talents. Adding to the excitement is a remix by Ammo Avenue, a Peruvian DJ and producer, reimagining the rhythm track with new sounds and FX. The remix preserves the original's rave-infused vibe while injecting a fresh perspective.

Steve Bug EP cover

Out Now: Kotelett – I Don't Know (Dario D'Attis Remix)

Kotelett, renowned for his role in the house duo Kotelett & Zadak, marked a solo return on Poker Flat Recordings with "I Don't Know" earlier this year. Now, he's back with a stellar remix by Swiss producer Dario D'Attis. This reimagined version adds a fresh twist to the original's deep, rolling essence, infusing a pronounced jacking vibe and bringing the vocals to the forefront.

Kotelett EP cover
PFR music image

Out Now: Ross Kiser - Catacombs

Ross Kiser steps up for Sublease Music with two new down-and-dirty tracks that reflect the maturing of his sound over the last few years. The US-based artist set out to make a darker, minimal EP highlighting synth work and textures to create groove and atmosphere, and succeeded completely, accompanied by a huge remix from Markus Homm. Check it out under below links.

Out Now: Frink – Axis

Frink, a DJ from Mallorca, unveils "Axis," a four-track release on Sublease Music. The title track is a polished deep house piece evoking Mediterranean sunsets. "Changes" adds a techier touch with a hypnotic groove, while "Kalerg" explores deep, groovy vibes. Closing the EP is "Sami," a slick and seductive cut for deeper dancefloors, concluding Frink's diverse yet cohesive sonic journey.

Steve Kelley promo image

Out Now: Sublease Music Vol.3

Steve Bug's label, celebrated for its profound and minimalist electronic sounds, concludes the year with Sublease Music Vol 3—a compilation of 19 remarkable tracks. It affirms the label's prolific output and rigorous A&R quality control, maintaining high standards. Featuring contributions from key Sublease family members like Pornbugs, Steve Kelley, Markus Homm, Dylan Griffin, Dilby, Mr. Fowks, and Danny B, the compilation defines the label's 2023 essence—delivering quality deep, raw, and hypnotic house and tech music. Standout tracks from Deeplomatik, Apprentis, Steve Bug & Cle, and remixes by Luke Hess, Gareth Cole, Sascha Dive, Leeni, Danilo Kupfernagel make this an essential listening experience, encapsulating Sublease's musical journey in 2023.

Sublease Music Vol 3
Sublease group image
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