The Whisper Had It
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Track List:
A | 1 - The Whisper Had It
Produced 2007 | Produced by Simon Flower
B | 1 - The Whisper Had It (Redshape's Discodub)
Produced 2007 | Produced by Simon Flower - Remixed by Redshape
B | 2 - The Whisper Had It (Mark August Remix)
Produced 2007 | Produced by Simon Flower - Remixed by Mark August

The Whisper Had It by Simon Flower

  • pfr089
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Poker Flat welcomes: Simon Flower, our new man at the controls from far away, New Zealand! Because a little isolation goes a long way he was one of the small group of people instrumental in starting and keeping the techno scene in Auckland City alive and kicking, from the early 90's through till the present day - through promoting parties, DJing, producing and releasing records. And he spared no effort - here comes: Simon Flower with "The Whisper Had It" on Poker Flat!

Beginning with dark sounds for a while, a stunning bass drum cuts off the mystic mood and takes the track right to the floor. This track comes techy and percussive, the sub bass is pushing things forward all the time, exhausting, no chance to stop moving on the floor. Increasing the tension until the end of the track, Mr. Flowers dismisses the audience, like said, exhausted, but satisfied.

Redshape, releasing tracks since 2006 on specialized labels like Styrax or Delsin, is taking the track to deepness at its best. His "Discodub" -version is hypnotic and keeps that dance!-dance!-dance! fever. Perfect track for the floor at peak time!

Mark August's remix rounds off this record in a fantastic minimal way, slightly reduced but spiced up with strange sounds. You need a track for your afterhour? Try this one.