What’s About
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A1 | What’s About
2013 | Produced by Johannes Brecht
A2 | You
2013 | Produced by Johannes Brecht
Beatport only: Deep Down
2013 | Produced by Johannes Brecht

What’s About by Johannes Brecht

  • pfr143
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Not one to revel too much in the limelight, Johannes Brecht prefers to ply his trade in the shadows - fitting for his oceandeep productions. The Stuttgart native marks his first outing on Steve Bug's inimitable Poker Flat Recordings with an exceptionally atmospheric EP sure to make it's mark with the deeper end of the DJ fraternity.

'What's About' bumps along with an irresistible groove, incorporating a sweet guitar lick and various backward synths before a sick bass line arrives to lift the track yet further into the ether. It's house music for music lovers, and sure to go over big with discerning dance floors.

Likewise, the epic 11-minute 'You' develops with a sense of style and restraint often missing in the club, and revolves around beautifully realized synth pads over a crisp, punchy rhythm.

Beatport customer can also pick up the equally impressive and lengthy 'Deep Down', which hints at Brecht's love of Detroit - a left field bomb for the heads.

DJ Feedback:
Jimpster (Freerange)
 Beautiful stuff, especially You! Def be including this on the next Freerange radio show. 
Kiki (Bpitch)
 Great! Going to play "What´s About" tonight at the Watergate! "You" is pretty tasty too! 
Sasse (Moodmusic)
 Deep Down for me - awesome feel to it - the rest is nice too. Thank you. 
Till von Sein (Suol)
 Love the stimming´esque vibe on the whole EP. Whats About is a bomb! Big up. 
Joris Voorn (Rejected)
 Love these deep tracks!