Before We Say Goodbye - The Remixes
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A | 1 - Leaving Berlin (Lawrence Remix)
Produced 2010 | Produced by Donnacha Costello - Remixed by Lawrence
B | 1 - It's What We Do (KiNK & Neville Watson Rework)
Produced 2010 | Produced by Donnacha Costello - Remixed by KiNK & Neville Watson
B | 2 - It's What We Do
Produced 2010 | Produced by Donnacha Costello

Before We Say Goodbye - The Remixes by Donnacha Costello

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As one of the central forces behind the Dial label Lawrence (also recording as Sten) has built a highly regarded reputation not only as a Dj and Producer, but also like Donnacha Costello he is a real musician in the true scenic of the word. Combining richly dubbed atmospheres and beautiful melodic structures, Lawrence remix of 'Leaving Berlin' graces the A side here with great depth and reverent poise. Swirling and evolving around Costello's memorable opening hook, a new world of dense strings and softly pumping percussion opens up and swallows us gladly.

The killer production team of KiNK & Neville Watson, well known of course for their collabs on Rush Hour and the record's devastating dancefloor effect, turn up the dials on their 'Rework' of 'It's What We Do'. Classic acid all the way, but of course with a modern studio finesse that fills the spectrum wonderfully, their version jacks all the way from the floor to the ceiling!

The original version of 'It's What We Do' is also included here and simply cannot be missed. Clearly a personal message that speaks to us all, Donnacha's sweet melodies merge together in a blissful journey of self discovery and celebration.

This release is also available as digital version comprising the digital exclusive track ,It's What We Do (KiNK & Neville Watson Ruff Dub)'



DJ Feedback:
Radio Slave (Rekids)
 Really feeling the Lawrence mix... Great atmosphere... Beautiful! 5/5 
Ben Watt (Buzzin Fly)
 i adored the orig of Leaving Berlin so any remix would be tough for me. i love Lawrence and this just adds enough to make it worth the trip. Deep and dignified. 4/5 
Will Saul (Simple)
 Love the Lawrence re-work. Groove to die for... But its the bass line of the Kink and Neville Watson mix that I will be riiinnnsing most :) 4/5 
Milton Jackson (Freeange)
 Liking kink, as usual! 4/5 
John Tejada (Palette)
 All 3 tracks are really nice. A great package. Thanks 4/5