Before We Say Goodbye EP
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A | 1 - Leaving Berlin
Produced 2010 | Produced by Donnacha Costello
A | 2 - No-one Is Watching
Produced 2010 | Produced by Donnacha Costello
B | 1 - Roll It Out
Produced 2010 | Produced by Donnacha Costello
B | 2 - Stretching Time
Produced 2010 | Produced by Donnacha Costello

Before We Say Goodbye EP by Donnacha Costello

  • pfrlp025
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There are few artists these days who consistently succeed to focus their passions, talents and instincts into deliciously individual, melancholic, beautiful and timeless recordings. Irish born Donnacha Costello is amongst the highest ranks of such artists.

Poker Flat is proud to announce Donnacha Costello's new full length album, 'Before We Say Goodbye'. Echoes of Chicago House, Detroit Techno, and UK Ambient Techno flow through its futuristic core, as we find Donnacha exploring further his love for deep, hypnotising grooves, rich synth themes and emotive harmonies.

This vinyl version features four cuts taken from the long-player. Firstly the singing strings and a stand-out bassline of 'Leaving Berlin' hit the needle, and drive this memorable piece through to its finale. Almost a microcosm of the album itself, there's drama, tension and resolution to be found.

'No-one Is Watching' ensnares us with tense, deep swung Detroitian synth work and intricate micro phrases. This free-form Techno cut opens up into a jazz chorded, blossoming ride, true of many other pieces on the album.

Perhaps the heaviest track on the 12'', the strong, rolling drums of 'Roll It Out' lead the listener head first into another jacking, Modern Acid adventure. Skipping and jumping in excited bursts of light and colour, you'll be transported to other worlds and back!

Finally the other-worldly complexities of 'Stretching Time' have their time to play with the senses. Rousing bass lines, static dubbed electricity, sublime chords and acidic refrains all melt together in this final beat driven synth exploration into the unknown.



DJ Feedback:
Will Saul (Simple)
 Donnacha is the master! Leaving Berlin is stunning. Truely a beautiful piece of music. 
Ben Watt (Buzzin Fly)
 sad but driving at the same time. great. 
Jimpster (Freerange)
 Totally fallen for No-One Is Watching. beautiful stuff. all great music though. 
John Tejada (Palette)
 fantastic ep. stretching time brings me back to my favorite oldschool techno moments. i like the whole ep. great as always. 
Laurent Garnier (F Com)
 right down my street Yessss 
Vincenzo (Poker Flat)
 i love love love donnacha's music so much.outstanding ep from an incredible artist.full support!!!