Unterwegs mit Guido Schneider
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Track List:
A | 1 - As Dry As I Can
Produced 2004 | Produced by Guido Schneider
B | 1 - Re-Moved
Produced 2004 | Produced by Guido Schneider
B | 2 - Moesko
Produced 2004 | Produced by Guido Schneider

Unterwegs mit Guido Schneider by Guido Schneider

  • pfr047
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After the great success of 'Triple Bolted' (pfr35) Guido Schneider is back with another fantastic 12'. It's very minimal and dry and a bit in the vain of his Glowing Glisses tracks, but with many little bits and pieces to discover. This special aural pleasure proves that Guido Schneider is definitely one of the artists to watch. 'Unterwegs with ... ' means 'on the way with ...' and this guy is definitely taking you on a trip. 'As Dry As I Can' is a straight forward pushing tune, working like a neverending spiral. On B1 it's 'Re-Moved' - a new version of his former Poker Flat release one year ago. Similar hypnotic as the A-side, but more in a funky vain. 'Moesko' on B2 similar funky, but all in all a bit calmer. This EP offres a brilliant variety of mature minimal electronic music. Take us with you, Guido!