Tracks From The Lab Part 2
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A | 1 - Sid
Produced 2005 | Produced by Märtini Brös
B | 1 - W.T.U.S:
Produced 2005 | Produced by Märtini Brös
B | 2 - Lovehandles
Produced 2005 | Produced by Märtini Brös

Tracks From The Lab Part 2 by Märtini Brös

  • pfr065
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The fabulous Märtini Brös just left the darkroom a few weeks before, went on tour with their fresh Märtini Brös DJ Lab and collected some wicked impressions to get back to their lab and to work on this exciting EP. And here it is, the stunning result of their jammin studio sessions: 'Tracks From The Lab part 2'! This time we have three fantastic Märtini Brös'ers pressed on this high-end vinyl. The joy starts with SID on the a-side. Playing around with their chemical kit, some friends of the Brös claimed to have made a groundbreaking discovery. They found SID as a substitute for LSD /Acid. The Brös worked out the acid very well in this track. Warm regards to Dr. Hofmann. The b-side serves two more unique tidbits. On B1 it's W.T.U.S., dedicated to the very special moments in Berlin's clubland where the sun hits the windowpanes. At the end of the break the voice sings 'What The Underground Says' - any questions? 'Lovehandles' tops this EP. This one was inspired by one of the Brös beloved lunch spot around the corner. It's name is 'H¸ftengold', what can be translated as 'love handles'... Enjoy these delicious tracks from the lab part 2!