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Track List:
1 - Tephra
2 - Didyme
3 - Galeras

Tephra by Hannes Bieger

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Hannes Bieger is one of Europe’s most in-demand mixing engineers, working for some of the biggest names in the busi- ness. With such a wealth of experience, it’s no surprise to anyone that his own productions are every bit as beautiful-

ly constructed as his high pro le clients. Dropping this three tracker on 2nd home Poker Flat, Bieger gives a lesson in tech house dynamics.

Title track 'Tephra' is a true proposition - urgent, skittering drums with deep bass pulses pepper the track, while a delirious lead takes things into epic territory - a track that exists to send chills up the spine of dancers and listeners alike.

'Didyme' is cut from similar cloth - perfectly balanced elements create a whole that far outstrips its minimal elements. Arpeggia- ted synths sit low in the mix before a lead brings shades of rave into focus.

Rounding out the release, 'Galeras' is more of a heads down a air - tough and funky drums set the pace while bass tones and fragments of melody provide the late night vibe.