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A | 1 - Märtini Brös: Tanzen
Produced 2000 | Produced by Cle - MV Megusta
B | 1 - Märtini Brös: Funk U Up!
Produced 2000 | Produced by Cle - MV Megusta
B | 2 - Märtini Brös: Tanzen (Steve Bug's Super Sound Mix)
Produced 2000 | Produced by Cle - MV Megusta - Remixed by Steve Bug

Tanzen by Märtini Brös

  • pfr007
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"danceanddanceanddanceand danceand dance and dance and danceanddanceanddance anddance . . . " What here looks like a degenerated Mantra, is even not more or less as exact or even precisely the text of the new Märtini Brös.-12". It's like an ode to the dance season 1999/2000, or even perhaps only the attempt to wake up a generation, who has forgotten how to dance. Basically it's quite easy, isn' t it? Hm... Well! Märtini Brös. are consequently back from on-the-road-rock 'n' roll-wonderland and they give us funky fresh tunes ! S¸perstär Steve Bug gives as well, but strong dancetobacco and as if the calyx wasn't already filled up to burst, there is a bonus-track with the title "Funk u up", a final statement of the Brös., about the situation of the telecommunicationbusiness on the edge of the millenium.