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A | 1 - Slowly
Produced 2010 | Produced by Adultnapper
B | 1 - Gold And Forgetting
Produced 2010 | Produced by Adultnapper

Slowly by Adultnapper

  • pfrwhite006
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Lead track 'Slowly' is full of the type of crazy textural soundscapes that have become synonymous with Adultnapper's bass infected sound. Winding, twirling cables and messed up electronic whir away in the background as a stoic kick-led percussion array works the funk. Jazz influenced hooks, sultry vocals and horns-a-plenty, it all makes for an incredible workout!

'Gold and Forgetting' is a touch more mysterious, with a floating Chicago-esque synth theme at its tender heart. Of course Mr. 'Napper still piles on the funk, and this amazing afterhours anthem to be wins us over hands down. Emotional strings swathe by over a meandering 9 minutes of pure and precious metallic sheen.

This release is also available as digital version comprising the digital exclusive track ,Scissors and Thread'

'Scissors and Thread' unwinds yet more electronic trickery, as a heady, tripped out synth extravaganza unfolds before us. Messy in all the right ways, this heavy jam is the perfect conclusion to what could just be one of 2010's heaviest records!