Simple, Thick & Raw
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A | The Arpeggio
2014 | Produced by Steve Bug
B 1 | Thickest Bass
2014 | Produced by Steve Bug
B 2 | Smoking Parrot
2014 | Produced by Steve Bug

Simple, Thick & Raw by Steve Bug

  • pfr144
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Kicking off the new year Steve Bug style – Poker Flat Recordings sets course for another year of quality house music. The label boss himself presents us with the first transmission of 2014 - and the title succinctly nails what to expect.

'Simple, Thick & Raw' contains three tracks that are simultaneously gritty, tough and highly effective. 'The Arpeggio' contains Bug’s signature control of tension – an arpeggiated synth line bubbles along, hardly restrained, on top of a firing drum pattern, resulting in a groove wound tight and packed with suspense.

'Thickest Bass' is also fairly self explanatory- a pitched down vocal introduces what might just be the filthiest bottom end Bug has ever produced. The track has a raw, off-kilter quality that will see it destroy many clubs when dropped at the optimum moment.

'Smoking Parrot' completes the trio, a tough yet spacey burner that builds into a indisputable floor-rocker, complete with punchy claps, descending bass-line and Bug’s well honed dynamics.

DJ Feedback:
Sasse (Moodmusic)
 Loving this, Bug never lets you down.. full play, support, chart ! 
Kiki (BPitch Control)
 The Arpeggio" has a sweet darkness and tension to it! 
Anja Schneider (mobilee records)
Jennifer Cardini (Rex Club)
Gregor Tresher (Datapunk)
 Great new release by Steve. 
Chopstick (Suol)
 What can I say.. Steve delivers such solid great music for decades now"