Shaping Elements - Poker Flat Volume 8
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CD1 | 01 - A Shot In The Dark
Produced by Steve Bug
CD1 | 02 - Leaving Berlin (Lawrence Remix)
Produced by Donnacha Costello. Remix by Lawrence
CD1 | 03 - Birds On Strings
Produced by Patrick Chardronnet
CD1 | 04 - Swallowed Too Much Bass Feat. Paris The Black Fu (Joris Voorn Remix)
Produced by Steve Bug. Remix by Joris Voorn
CD1 | 05 - Ghosts
Produced by Berkson & What
CD1 | 06 - Personal Decay
Produced by Martin Landsky
CD1 | 07 My Groove (Vincenzo Remix)
Produced by Daryl Stay
CD1 | 08 - Celia
Produced by David Durango
CD1 | 09 - Get Down
Produced by D'julz
CD1 | 10 - Keep Off (Wighnomy Brother's Detroitobrieflyshort-ulle Remix)
Produced by Sycophant Slags,. Remix by Wighnomy Brothers
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CD2 | 01 - Hey, Dummy
Produced by Donnacha Costello
CD2 | 02 - A NIght Like This (Richie Hawtin's A Dub Like That Remix)
Produced by Steve Bug. Remix by Richie Hawtin
CD2 | 03 - Founded
Produced by Jeff Samuel
CD2 | 04 - She Likes Mr. Finger's Bass
Produced by Jay Tripwire presents 8 Channels
CD2 | 05 - No-one Is Watching
Produced by Donnacha Costello
CD2 | 06 - Intimate
Produced by Freestyle Man
CD2 | 07 - Save Me
Produced by ADJD
CD2 | 08 - Stretching Time
Produced by Donnacha Costello
CD2 | 09 - Telling
Produced by Sycophant Slags
CD2 | 10 - Gold And Forgetting
Produced by Adultnapper
CD2 | 11 - The Bored Bound
Produced by Russ Gabriel
CD2 | 12 - Don't Crash On Me Now
Prouced by Daryl Stay
CD2 | 13 - M Track 5
Produced by John Tejada & Adrian Leviste
CD2 | 14 - Like It Should Be feat. Gigi
Produced by Steve Bug
CD2 | 15 - 2000 Miles
Produced by Martin Landsky
CD2 | 16 - Find Me
Produced by Jay Tripwire & Katherine Larr
CD2 | 17 - Warmathene
Produced by Ed Davenport
CD2 | 18 - Tell Me Again (Steve Bug's I Told Ya Remxi)
Produced by Sven Tasnadi. Remix by Steve Bug
CD2 | 19 - Habanero (With Trumpet)
Produced by Sven Tasnadi
CD2 | 20 - Starlight
Produced by David Durango
CD2 | 21 Passing Clouds (Sven Tasnadi Remix)
Produced by Steve Bug & Simon Flower. Remix by Sven Tasnadi.
CD2 | 22 I Of The Pyramid
Produced by Jay Tripwire presents 8 Channels

Shaping Elements - Poker Flat Volume 8 by Various Artists

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Being the boss it’s only fair he kicks things off as Steve Bug‘s ‚A Shot In The Dark‘ begins the fun. Of course it’s a high-class trippy affair full of classic Bug shenanigans. The quality level maintains at a peak then throughout with early highlights like Patrick Chardronnet‘s dramatic and summery ‚Birds On Strings‘ raising the tension. Joris Voorn‘s super crisp remix of Steve Bug‘s ‚Swallowed Too Much Bass‘ is a surefire winner as are equally astounding cuts from Berkson & What, Martin Landsky and Daryl Stay remixed by Vincenzo. David Durango‘s contribution, ‚Célia‘ explores multi-faceted grooves laden with raw energy and that undeniable latin spirit. The new and exclusive selection is then completed by D‘Julz, ‚Get Down‘; a hot natured party track with a great deal of timeless house atmosphere packed in! Finally CD1 concludes with the neo-epic of Adultnapper & Mr C‘s ‚Keep Off‘ remixed by the charismatic Wighnomy Brothers. Their tough floor masher drools with quality and just stands as a perfect example of the type of next-level projects that are constantly being revealed on Poker Flat!


Jay Tripwire is the DJ ‘responsible for some of the most exciting underground house music to come out of North America in recent years‘‘. That said, he‘s still got his finger directly on the pulse of the underground. This is poetically and dutifully proven in this 22 track, 80 minute mix for Shaping Elements: Poker Flat Volume 8.Easing us into the mix in fine style Donnacha Costello‘s detroit flavoured ‚Hey, Dummy‘ is the next hot exclusive track to feature on this compilation. This sets the tone then and Jay sets to work blending some super cuts from Poker Flat‘s busy recent releases, and classics from back in the day! Early highlights in the first part of the mix include Richie Hawtin‘s dubbed remix of Steve Bug ‚A Night Like This‘, Freestyle Man‘s amazing ‚Intimate‘ or Adultnapper‘s thought provoking ‚Gold and Forgetting‘. Later John Tejada & Arian Leviste‘s ‚M Track 5‘ takes us into more acidic zones, while things get percussive with Sven Tasnadi‘s ‚Habanero‘. In fact it’s a real who‘s who of the Poker Flat roster both classic and new, with Russ Gabriel, Sycophant Slags (Adultnapper & Mr.C), new signings like Daryl Stay or Ed Davenport, Martin ‚2000 Miles‘ Landsky and of course the Bug himself all present, with many more too! Get deep into the mix and discover all the rich, wonderful music the label has been releasing of late. Jay Tripwire contributes a very special new track featuring Katherine Larr; ‚Find Me‘, which stands out as a further reminder of the producer‘s edge in the modern house scene and he really shows off his track selection and intuitive DJ skills in the mix. Rotterdam based Benny Rodrigues contrib