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A | 1 - Sei (Steve Bug remix)
Produced 2005 | Produced by Sian - Remixed by Steve Bug
B | 1 - Tigerchild
Produced 2005 | Produced by Sian
B | 2 - Sei
Produced 2005 | Produced by Sian

Sei by Sian

  • pfr064
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Sian (aka Dublin based Graham Goodwin) is another fresh, new member of the Poker Flat family. He is into putting the cart before the horse in regards of starting to produce a melody and then putting the beats together. Unusual, but effective as you can hear on 'Sei', what is, by the way, a type of whale, according to Graham, a marine biology freak. The mood is relaxed but non-lethargic. This old school deep house feeling plus the modern techy additions make this track not only a perfect set opener or closer but also a peak time smoother. Lively synths, a lovely simple beat construct and a good portion of hysteric sunrise atmosphere - that's it. To ace it up, Poker Flat head Steve Bug adds one of his rare remixes. As atmospheric and beautifully moody as the original, but with more of a funky, dancefloor groove. An exquisite delay on the warm chords, a deeper more determined groove, funky slinky percussive arrangement, plus the unique Steve Bug spice result in a killer remix. This one will stick in your mind for a while.. 'Tigerchild' (Graham's dog's name also) is a vital grooving tribal techno track. A densely percussive framework, pushing chords and smart distorted basslines make you wanna dance!