Rock-It EP
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A | 1 - Rock-It
2014 | Produced by Vince Watson
B | 1 - Sonar
2014 | Produced by Vince Watson
B | 2 - Feel It (Instrumental)
2014 | Produced by Vince Watson

Rock-It EP by Vince Watson

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The unsung hero of melodic techno prepares to step up to the Poker Flat plate for a second time, continuing the partnership that began with the epic 'Planet Funk EP' earlier this year. Vince Watson is a stalwart of the scene and truly in a league of his own: an unparalleled discography, a singular flair for arrangement, and a signature sound of lush layers and deep irresistible grooves. 'Rock It' is another complete chapter written in Watson's unique vocabulary.
The EP's title track's swift pacing and bright multi chords-create a constant state of uplift and progression, movement and light. Subtle changes and hypnotic building loops drive this number towards a state of blissful contradiction: slow-burn euphoria. 
'Sonar' contains all the scale, emotion and colour that the title may suggest; a prominent chord progression is sustained throughout, running through the track like a shot of neon, ensuring its future a peak time anthem.
'Feel It' is the yin to the yang of the previous tracks, easing into a looser, deeper tech house tempo, and unravelling tight melodic harmonies for breezy watercolour washes of pads.