Revived Universe EP
Artists :
Track List:
D | 1 - Parallel Universe
Produced 2011 | Produced by Alessio Mereu
D | 2 - 2 Points After You
Produced 2011 | Produced by Alessio Mereu
D | 3 - Revived
Produced 2011 | Produced by Alessio Mereu

Revived Universe EP by Alessio Mereu

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Prolific Sardinian producer Alessio Mereu has really come into the spotlight over recent months thanks to his tireless efforts in the studio. Having just released his debut album, 'Tripolarity', on his own Amam label, its about time he joined the crew on Steve Bug's Digital offshoot.

The sneaky, old-school flavoured acid vibes of 'Parallel Universe' swirl and tweak in edgy spirals as Mereu creates his own tribute to the classic Poker Flat sound, while adding his own careful and detailed production sheen. Pitched vocals and dark atmospheres are the icing on the cake here as the moody synths add the delicious filling.

In a more freaky and mysterious jam, '2 Points After You' offers a dark and melodic tool for the heavier floors. Subtle arrangements and intriguing FX push the track onwards as it rolls and twists with much modulation.

A melancholic anthem for future nights, 'Revived' snakes through a beautiful synth-led melody that lifts us into euphoric zones. Essential open-air festival soundtrack we say!

DJ Feedback:
Ellen Allien (Bpitch Control):
 Melancholie? I like it! 
Davide Squillace (Hideout)
 Thumbs up for my super pal Alessio !! Bomb ! 
Adultnapper (Poker Flat):
 All 4 cuts are really strong. Great EP. 
James Flavour (Dirt Crew):
 Revived is my fave! Cool EP for sure. 
M A N I K (Ovum):
 2 Points After You is tight. I am into it. Thanks~