Reflections feat. Robert Owens
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A | 1 - Reflections feat. Robert Owens
Produced 2008 | Produced by Dan Berkson & James What
B | 1 - Onika
Produced 2008 | Produced by Dan Berkson & James What

Reflections feat. Robert Owens by Dan Berkson & James What

  • pfr093
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"True underground artists from London's thriving music community, Dan Berkson & James What are more than capable of working a groove! Already well known on the scene for their precise deep tech-house sound and unique live shows, they deliver another first class EP here on Poker Flat.

'Reflections' is a typically nonchalant display of the young pair's talents, tight percussive layers build to reveal a classic groove. As if to cement the track's foundations in House, legendary vocalist and figurehead for the genre Robert Owens provides a gritty monologue that comes straight from the heart, reminding us all to 'Keep it Real!' Just as soon as Owens' stirring tones disappear, a pulsing bassline infuses the blend with a splash of Acid. Instantly creating a memorable moment, this fantastic meeting of minds will work in so many different situations!

The slightly darker subtleties of 'Onika' are released in mesmeric phases which again confirm the pair's arrangement skills. Rich percussive gestures dance around another air tight groove and a signature riff that deftly balances between funk and paranoia. An ideal tool to deploy when its time to take the party up few notches, or indeed hold it there, teetering on the edge!

This is solid, dynamic House Music, clearly designed for the dancefloor, but its lovingly crafted spatial qualities and careful crescendos are the marks of two very devoted musicians.

DJ Feedback:
Laurent Garnier
 simply brilliant R Owens still has this brilliant voice i love it 
Dave DK
 Like the 'Reflection', great vocals by Mr. Owens! The beat is very Berkson-What style, played it in the club and it rocks! Though somehow the mixdown of the subbass is quite heavy. 
 nice one, thanks.. i like the b-side, its a hell of a track  
 very nice! 
Will Saul
 I love this. Dan is the master of dancefloor arrangement and reflections builds perfectly. Lovely tonal percussion that locks the groove so well. A great release, full support 
Press Feedback:
baze.djunkiii /
 London-based Dan Berkson & James What are responsible for Poker Flat Recordings 093, that includes the tracks 'Reflections' on the A- and 'Onika' on the B-side. 'Reflections' is a raw, puristic piece of Minimal, Chicago-influenced, House music that features the legendary Robert Owens on vocal duties, whispering hypnotically on top of this future classic, sending shivers down your spine. 'Onika' keeps up upon the same raw vibe, but works out over a sorta Moroder-sounding bassline loop that brings back the good old 'French Kiss'-vibes, combining them with an attitude of new school.