Reasons To Be Dismal?
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A 1 | Reasons To Be Dismal? (Dixon Update)
2013 | Produced by Johnny Dangerous | Remixed by Dixon | Vocals by Johnny Dangerous
A 2 | Reasons To Be Dismal? (Extendedsight Version)
2013 | Produced by Johnny Dangerous | Vocals by Johnny Dangerous
B 1 | Reasons To Be Dismal? (Steve Bug Edit)
2013 | Produced by Johnny Dangerous | Remixed by Steve Bug | Vocals by Johnny Dangerous
B 2 | Reasons To Be Dismal? (Motorcitysoul Remix)
2013 | Produced by Johnny Dangerous | Remixed by Motorcitysoul | Vocals by Johnny Dangerous

Reasons To Be Dismal? by Foremost Poets

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Poker Flat roar back into action with a remix package for Foremost Poets’ classic club track, 'Reasons to be Dismal?.' Originally out in 1989, 'Reasons to be Dismal?' gets three slamming new takes courtesy of some of the biggest names in the underground.

First up is Dixon, one of the most respected DJs and label owners on the planet. The Berliner serves up another signature slice of pared down, driving house music that maintains the classic vibe of the Poets original.

The ExtendedSight version makes a welcome return to vinyl having been available on the original NuGroove release - a classic piece of dubbed out leftfield house, full of unhinged synths and cut up textures and scratches - sure to get the heads racing to the booth for a track ID.

Poker Flat head Steve Bug, who worked with Foremost Poets on this highly regarded Noir album, also offers a version, a tribute to the original track with replayed strings, updated drum sounds and a slightly different arrangement that brings in his favorite part a second time resulting in a more mix friendly ending.

Last but not least is MotorCitySoul’s remix – who choose to bring out the more Balearic, melodic elements of the track - a perfect sunrise record if ever there was one.

Digital Bonus: Digital customers also have the chance to use the iconic original vocal in their own mixes with the included accapella.

Beatport exclusive: MotorCitySoul’s Basic Remix stretches out an irresistible groove over 8 and half minutes- utilizing the Foremost Poet’s vocal in full and rebooting the track to a contemporary context.


DJ Feedback:
Jimpster (Freerange)
 Cracking release all round but the Dixon mix and Motorcitysoul remixes jumping out at me for playing out. nice one! 
Djulz (Circus Company)
 superb motorcitysoul version. thanx 
Heidi (BBC Radio 1)
 awesome ep! 
Laurent Garnier (F Com)
 this is one of my biggest classics 
Kiki (Bpitch)
 Very classy updates of a true classic! I can´t wait to play the Dixon edit on an open air this weekend! 
Marco Resmann (Upon You)
 great classic original and coequal edits/remixes. thanks! 
Dirt Crew (Dirt Crew)
 d o p e! 
Alex Niggemann (Poker Flat)
 Nice! MCS's basic Remix is my fav 
Michael Reinboth (Compost)
 it's great groovy , enough reason to be (dancing) to it. Cool 
Martin Landsky (Poker Flat)
 dope release....all versions are great...cant decide which one fits me the best, all different flavas for different moments i to be fair i pick the accapella as my fav here =D