Animal trainer - Rayaan
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1 - Rayaan
2 - Yao

Rayaan by Animal Trainer

  • pfr208
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Adrian Flavor and Samy Jackson are Animal Trainer, a dynamic duo whose unique brand of ‘slow rave’ has captured the imaginations of countless electronic music lovers. With releases on labels like Stil Vor Talent, Katermukke, Get Physical, Mobilee and Poker Flat, it’s clear they have found the right audience for their brand of party music.

The Rayaan release features two perfect encapsulations of their craft. 'Rayaan' is a vibey, atmospheric tech house burner, slowly building over its duration, layering synths, pads and killer melodic hooks over an irresistible groove.

'Yao' also has a similar hedonistic vibe, with a killer percussion from the get-go, slowly adding some deeper, ravey elements as the track unfolds. It’s party music for the discerning dance floors, and sure to make its mark at some of the more off the hook locations over the next weeks and months.