presents Future Retro 101
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B | 2 - FR 101.3
Produced 2004 | Produced by Steve Bug

presents Future Retro 101 by Steve Bug

  • pfr044
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This special EP offers three excellent old school style acid house tracks with the special "Steve Bug ingredients" who make this a perfect dancefloor weapon. "Future Retro 101" comes in that real analog feel, due to the special production technique Steve chose here: From his last trip to Japan Steve brought back a 101 he bought in Tokyo. He was then looking for a way to make the 101 midi-capable, when Poker Flat labelmate Martin Landsky took himto berlin based "Schneiders Büro" a wholesale place for analogue equipment, where he found the Future Retro Möbius, which is a hardware sequencer with all midi to cv gate functions. So for this special EP Steve only worked with the Roland SH 101, the Future Retro Möbius for sequencing the 101, an E-MU sampler for the beats and finally his G5 for the recording, editing and some effects. And the result is a thrilling dancefloor EP with brilliant analog sounds and sweet acid drops.