Poker Flat Tournament
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Track List:
A | 1 - Days Like These
Produced 2008 | Produced by Patrick Chardronnet
B | 1 - Move With Me
Produced 2008 | Produced by David Durango

Poker Flat Tournament by David Durango & Patrick Chardronnet

  • pfr097
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Picture the perfect summer time session, perhaps spontaneously thrown together around a beach bar in that most sonorous of spanish cities, or perhaps floating along with the concluding and exulting hours of one of Berlin's finest vistas. This is the record that will result in those hairs standing on end and refusing to come back down!

A majestic team are at work here, known by their earth names as Chardronnet and Durango, but known in celestial circles as the lords of Movement and Melody. Like the best of his best, Chardronnet's 'Days Like These' promises to groove from start to unwanted finish, with power and soul. Its language of softly spoken synth stabs and elegant, up-building syntaxes are beautifully expressed and can be understood by all. Its a respectfully understated tune that rises with recognisable structure, but continues to surprise and excite as Patrick's natural talent for arrangements becomes clear.
As a great complement to the somewhat gentler tones of the A side, David Durango's 'Move with Me' taps into the more cerebral zones of this grand slam summer session. David Durango is a fresh and talented producer from Switzerland and recently delivered a stunning remix for Berkson & What's 'Keep On' (Dessous 82 digital bonus track). On 'Move With Me', nervous, intricate percussion builds with tweaked out delays and charged reverb washes, introducing the track's melodic central theme and carrying it through to its dramatic final break. Its welcomed somewhere deep inside our subconscious and has the effort of swathing us in a warm blanket of familiarity, yet its borders remain uncharted and therefore the track exists as a wonderfully mysterious journey that's begging to be explored and of course re-visited!

DJ Feedback:
 both tracks are great! 
 i like david durango track, very nice deep groover! 
Ben Watt
 like a feather bed covered in fresh fruit. ace. 
Gamal Kabar
 Both tracks are serious love em cheers guys! 
Press Feedback:
baze.djunkiii /
 It's been quite a while since Poker Flat Recoordings released a part of their Tournament-series which was originally established to showcase young talented producers from different countries in this world. This idea might have been subject of change recently and now this comes up as the labels first split-release in ages. Patrick Chardronnets 'Days Like These' is a very uplifting, classic House music tune deep rooted equally in Chicagos history as in contemporary Minimalism and is about to make punters feel good on the floor. On the flip we've David Durangos 'Move With Me' stuck to the same roots but referring to them in a deeper, moodier way that's due to its melancholic string arrangement added throughout tracks end part that calls back the original spirit of what Trance once has been and is more fitting to be played out at the end of a nice clubnight.