Poker Flat Tournament
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A | 1 - Christmas Tree
Produced 2008 | Produced by Raudive
B | 1 - Hello - I Must Be Going
Produced 2008 | Produced by Donnacha Costello

Poker Flat Tournament by Donnacha Costello & Raudive

  • pfr098
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Continuing the spectacle that is the Poker Flat Tournament Series, we present two more surefire lessons in dancefloor mechanics.

After his last storming 'Zeitgeist E.P' for Poker Flat, London's very own dark knight Raudive aka Oliver Ho has crafted a powerfully hypnotic club tool that truly exists within its own world of unique and unmistakable sound. Carefully executed beats roll forward as an astounding landscape of colourful vocal suggestions and emotions swirl and evolve. Its a heady, uncompromising track that certainly stands out as its own, but could complement many different DJ situations, from driving peak time sets, to free-flowing after-hours sessions...

Heading up the opposition for looks set to be a fine tournament indeed, Minimise head-honcho and continual key-player Donnacha Costello brings things down and dirty with his unforgiving and foreboding 'I Must Be Going'. A catchy proto-acidic bass line snakes a winding path through a dense atmosphere of late-night paranoia. Perfectly crafted beats push the energy along with a casual swagger, whilst the pleasingly tripped out vocal undertones leave the imagination to run

DJ Feedback:
Dave DK
 Really like "Christmas Tree", cool mystic vocal, looking forward to play! Donnacha Costello's track is a bit too dark for me, but will try it in my set. 
Len Faki
 Donnacha Costello coming up with a great dark swing tune! Love it! 4/5 
 Both tracks are super good, the Donnacha Costello has a Raudive vibe, good! 
 Cool EP, will play both. 
Press Feedback:
 Poker Flat's re-formed and re-established Tournament series continues with another competitive 12' release these days. In one corner we've got Oliver Ho's Raudive moniker going deep with a mixture of hypnotic minimalism and some spacy, quite oriental flavored vocals that add a space, desert-like feel to the track, whilst his combatant Donnacha Costello of Minimise-fame serves a crystal clear, partly metallic sounding piece for peak time heights that causes dancefloor trouble due to its massive, minor chord leitmotif bassline that - once heard - never leaves your eardrums alone again. Defo the better track here, not only due to its surprising end part that might puzzle some unexperienced jocks as well.