The Phantom Image
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A | 1 - The Phantom Image
Produced 2008 | Produced by Vincenzo
B | 1 - The Fruit Fly (The Fruity Bug Edit)
Produced 2008 | Produced by Vincenzo
B | 2 - The Fruit Fly
Produced 2008 | Produced by Vincenzo

The Phantom Image by Vincenzo

  • pfr096
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Vincenzo has had a central role in Steve Bug's Dessous label for a decade now, contributing greatly to one of the most influential German House labels around. For some it might come as a surprise then, that this is Vincenzo's first ever release on Bug's equally significant Poker Flat imprint.

Making a dramatic yet clearly traceable transition from the smooth disco-tech grooves of his last hit, 'The Resident' for Dessous, Vincenzo's dirty weekend away at hotel Poker Flat comes through with a paranoid urgency sure to twist the dancefloor into a modest frenzy!

'The Phantom Image' is a teasing, acid-tweaked club tool, stripped and refined. It burns slowly from both ends and builds in classic style, amounting to an insatiable hypnotic moment, instinctively connecting the mind and body with only one vital message: to move.

Flip over and you'll find two more seriously deviated cuts, in the form of Steve Bug's Edit of 'The Fruit Fly', and Vincenzo's orginal mix.

Both mixes raise the intensity from the late night tripping atmospheres of 'Phantom' and take us straight into the peak time Poker Flat style... Phasing synth stabs and a floor-shaking bassline take the track sky high, with Vincenzo's trademark impeccable production at the centre of it all, ensuring every moment comes through loud and clear. Bug's Edit raises the drama a notch, peaking with a different flavour, whilst the original is a true gem and a classic example of the non-stop power of Vincenzo's creative output!

DJ Feedback:
Jeff Samuel
 like both versions of the fruity fly, will play! 
Jamie Jones
 Really digging this, original and edit good wil be playing for sure. cheers...:-) 
Dave DK
 Unusual dark smasher from Vincenzo, but like that track! 
Mijk van Dijk
 The Phantom Image is the bomb. Relentless Bassline, loving it from the first bar. 
 whuu great A-side!! great in all, houseyish and stripped down maddness! jeah! 
 charted at #2 
Steve Bug
 charted at #7 
Benno Blome
 I Like It! Will play The Phantom Image 
Will Saul
 Just in time for the weekend!!I'm a big fan of Vincenzos productions and this is undoubtedly one of his strongest releases date. Will play all the tracks 
 super good track! i support 
 fruity fly is dope!will play 
 the fruity bug edit is amazing 
Jeff Bennett
 Supports Fruity edit 
Ben Watt
 good! ugly but still your best friend ... 
Gamal Kabar
 Very nice track will work as a nice switch track to get everybody shakin 
Nico De Ceglia
 Really like this one. I've been playing both sides. A change of vibe for Vincenzo but still quality. Rating: 8/10