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A | 1 - Nomads
Produced 2008 | Produced by Clé
A | 2 - Water
Produced 2008 | Produced by Clé
B | 1 - Nomads (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
Produced 2008 | Produced by Clé - Remixed by Matthias Tanzmann

Nomads by Clé

  • pfr094
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Fresh from the buzz surrounding his stunning DJ mix featured on our new label compilation, 'Dead Man's Hand', Berlin's master of tech-funk Clé notches up another fantastic solo EP on Poker Flat.

Analogue synths and punchy beats merge with warm piano stabs and cutting-edge electronic trickery, ensuring the lead track, 'Nomads,' carries Clé's instantly recognisable sound. A raw, urgent bassline announces itself bravely in the opening bars before allowing the ever-so-slightly-tongue-in-cheek Eastern flavoured hook to prevail. Already another Poker Flat future classic, its sharp percussion and plethora of spacey FX make this a great party record, a versatile DJ tool and indeed a strong piece of music in its own right.

Perhaps as an ode to those deeper, darker moments during a real dancefloor journey, 'Water' brings with it a calmer, more retrospective arrangement, whilst keeping things gently simmering! Once again Clé's unique melting pot of sounds are on show, and intricate percussive fills make this a joy to mix with!

The Moon Harbour records boss Matthias Tanzman is deservedly receiving a lot of attention at the moment for his special brand of tripped-out peak time productions. Its quite fitting then that he delivers a teasing remix here aimed straight at the dancefloor! The track heads off into space in typical bass heavy Tanzman style, but with the introduction of Clé's crazy eastern synth hook you know something stellar is about to take place... Guaranteed bomb!