Never Go Back / That´s The Way
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A1 | Never Go Back
Produced by Vincenzo Ragone, lyrics by Cari Golden
B1 | Never Go Back (Smash TV Remix)
Produced by Vincenzo Ragone
B2 | That’s The Way
Produced by Vincenzo Ragone

Never Go Back / That´s The Way by Cari Golden & Vincenzo

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Vincenzo needs little introduction - the veteran producer and DJ has been a fixture on the scene for years, releasing his distinctive brand of classy deep and techy house on a number of key labels. 

Returning to Poker Flat, he teams up with the mega talented Cari Golden for this killer three track EP. Cari hails from LA, an accomplished singer & songwriter and a part of band Narcotourist. She lends her skills to  'Never Go Back' a lush yet edgy deep bomb built around slinky groove shot through with Vincenzo’s trademark drama and tension. Cari brings the track to the next level with her vocals - both seductive and cautionary. 

Smash TV (Holger Zilske and Kai Preussner) bring a sick remix to the table with their version -  heading to deeper territory and seemingly primed for the after hours vibe. 

Next up is 'That’s The Way'  - an instrumental that sees Vincenzo revel in some old school chord progressions and tension / release dynamics to make a sure-fire floor weapon.