Kotelett & Zadak
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1 - Never Enough
written & produced by Kotelett & Zadak

Never Enough by Kotelett & Zadak

  • pfr219
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Kotelett & Zadak have been spreading their cheeky take on House for some while now, maintaining their outlandish fishing-related back-story over the standard/boring DJ duo biography. Although keen to bring a sense of fun to electronic music, their music is anything but flippant. 

'Never Enough' is the new release on Poker Flat Recordings, showcases the duo’s production chops. Slowly building from an atmospheric start, a thick, tight groove shines through, augmented by beautifully crafted percussive and melodic patterns. 

It feels like the perfect record for summer sunsets or sunrises, and is sure to win over dancefloors everywhere.