My Groove
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Track List:
1 - My Groove (Vincenzo Remix)
Produced 2010 | Produced by Daryl Stay - Remixed by Vincenzo
2 - My Groove
Produced 2010 | Produced by Daryl Stay
3 - Don't Crash On Me Now
Produced 2010 | Produced by Daryl Stay

My Groove by Daryl Stay

  • pfd006
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Fresh faced newcomer Daryl Stay turns up the pressure on the next Poker Flat Digital release. Two original tracks and a burning hot remix from the one and only Vincenzo make up this exciting package.

'My Groove' is a bass heavy deadly jam in true minimal funk style! Of course once it passed by Mr Steve Bugs A&R department it was clear that this bright, modern track possessed all the qualities of a great Poker Flat record, fusing tight, futuristic sound design with a grooving baseline-led raw energy. Tough, juicy work from this name to look out for!

Vincenzo, of course well known in the Poker Flat and Dessous camps for his prolific output over the years, proceeds to honor this lovely work with a remix that builds on the fat beats of the original and morphs it into a truly epic, breathtaking moment of future house.É_ˇ

More sparse, controlled beats are on offer in 'Don't crash on me now'. Again stirring together classic minimal sentiments together with futuristic, post-deep house melodic flavors, this is one hot recipe for the late nights!

DJ Feedback:
Jimpster (Freerange)
 Great release! Vinnie bangs it once again and is my pick for playing out but lovely vibe on them all. 4/5 
Joel Mull (Railyard)
 Vincenzo Mix is SUPERB! Cant wait to drop this one and see the people close their eyes! Wicked!!! 5/5 
Ben Watt (Buzzin Fly)
 Love orig and Vincenzo mix. On the radio. In the club. Ace. 4/5 
Simon Flower (Moon Harbour)
 Vincenzo's remix is pure gold. 5/5 
Matt Masters (Freerange)
 Loving Vincenzos remix on here. Top stuff! 5/5 
Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil)
 Amazing Vincenzo Mix, full support!! 5/5 
Martin Landsky (Poker Flat)
 Another great release... Vincenzo remix is awesome, dude will he stop putting out these burners one day??? =))) Original is great, too... Don't Crash is a nice addition... All in all a great value pack three tracker... 5/5