Mosaïc E.P.
Artists :
Track List:
1 - Mosaïc
Produced 2011 | Produced by David Durango
2 - Foreva
Produced 2011 | Produced by David Durango
3 - Domp
Produced 2011 | Produced by David Durango

Mosaïc E.P. by David Durango

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Spain's David Durango is a mainstay on the contemporary circuit. Well known for his infectious brand of detail-heavy, ethnic-infused tech funk, Mr. Durango is back on Poker Flat with his 'Mosaïc' EP.

Title track 'Mosaïc' is a finely pieced-together display fusing tension, harmony and reduction in this seven minute trip into the outer reaches. Futurisic, yet rooted in earthy tribalism, its a spiritual, mind-altering trip!

The quirky, skipping micro-rhythms of 'Foreva' slowly combine and build to weave an intricate tale of a mystical, ritual dance of the future. Dark on the surface, yet warm and full of promise.

'Domp' is a sample-laden percussive workout. Freaky and funky, the twisted electro-acoustic drums shift and shake around a woody, carefully designed sound pool. Up-building synths and yet more mystical adventures are to be found!

This release is also available as Beatport digital version comprising the Beatport exclusive track Clap Your Head

DJ Feedback:
Seth Troxler (Spectral)
 "Fire! just straight up fire!" 
Alex Niggemann
 "Great artist, great label, great music!" 
Joel Mull (Truesoul)
 "I love Mosaic! Total trip and what a building hypnotic vibe. FANTASTIC RELEASE." 
Alland Byallo (Poker Flat)
 "Beautiful! Full support over here. Can't wait to play these. Great artwork too." 
D'Julz (CIrcus Company)
 "Foreva in the box, deeeeep!"