Materium Remixes
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1 | Materium (Audion’s Roach Mix)
2014 | Produced by Alex Niggemann | Remixed by Audion
2 | Materium (Ripperton Remix)
2014 | Produced by Alex Niggemann | Remixed by Ripperton

Materium Remixes by Alex Niggemann

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Poker Flat Recordings welcomed the ever-prolific Alex Niggemann back to the fold for another speaker-troubling dispatch back in the spring with Materium; a heavy-duty EP with a title track that more than lived up to his usual high standards. A sprawling, tough journey into analog techno - with a dash of house thrown in, "Materium" is epic in every sense of the word. For its second iteration of the track, the ever dependable imprint has drafted in two of the very best for their quality remix game, offering two very different sides of the same coin. Matthew Dear unleashes his sleaze techno alias Audion for the cause, with the requisite serrated sounds and heavy contrasts that the project is known for. His Roach Mix offers deep and twisted acid techno with a tribal twist, executed by one of the steadiest hands in big sounds, before casting off its layers of saturating for glimpses of melodic meanderings. Ripperton's remix has deepness at its heart, and a glowing synth arpeggio as its leading melodic line. The Swiss maestro's interpretation gains character with every phrase, through a melodic rollercoaster ride that enhances the original track's ability to tug at heartstrings in the middle of a dancefloor.