Man High
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A | 1 - Man High
Produced 2007 | Produced by Martin Landsky
B | 1 - Cold Eyes (version 2)
Produced 2007 | Produced by Martin Landsky
B | 2 - Rugged
Produced 2007 | Produced by Martin Landsky

Man High by Martin Landsky

  • pfr092
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After '1000 Miles' (pfr73) and 'Let Me Dance' (pfr82) our one and only Martin Landsky is back with another strong release: 'Man High'.

Honi soit qui mal y pense, 'Man High' doesn't intent to glamourise drug abuse. It's a tribute to Captain Joe Kittinger and the Man High project, a pre space-age military project that took men in balloons to the upper layers of the earth's atmosphere. Not only took the balloon Joe Kittinger to a record high, he also performed a sky dive from 75.000 ft. Imagine how yo feel, falling free from the stratosphere, close to unconciousness, rotating like mad with 22 g ...

Martin's track 'Man High' captures a bit of that vibe with it's live played wildpitch-like oscilating synth modulations.

All three tracks on the EP are breathing Martin Landsky's special analogue sound treatments and a rocking old school vibe.

'Cold Eyes 2' on B1 builds a bit more subtle while 'Rugged' on B2 is an offbeat driven dancefloor smasher.

Brilliant release!

DJ Feedback:
 I quite like the machine funk of the B1. Classic Landsky 
Will Saul
 A corker from martin. Really intense. Manages to capture a futuristic feeling whilst still using classic sounds and percussion. Superb! W 
 As expected - another monster 12" from my man mr landsky... "man high" rocks so bad it makes me wanna scream everytime i play it. already on my "best of 2008" list 
Press Feedback:
DE:Bug : Record of the month 01/08
 What a killertune the main track is! A perfect symbiosis of oldschoolish depth and wild pitching modulations, always focussed on that unique groove. Easy going but beamy, a great pleasure on everybody's dancefloor. "Cold Eyes (version 2)" starts with a drippy tragic melody which takes control of your mind and won't let you go until the end of the track. Repeat! The third track "Rugged" shows up with a hollow, crispy-funky and torn up groove sounds like a ghost enjoying his ride on speed control. Brilliant, quite reduced record always in excellent balance between warm, analogue sounds and slightly exhilarated coolness. Money shot!