Love The Machine
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A | 1 - Love The Machine
Produced 2003 | Produced by Cle - Mike Vamp
B | 1 - Love The Machine (Robag Wruhmes Robakkbröswodkainferno Rmx)
Produced 2003 | Produced by Cle - Mike Vamp - Remixed by Robag Wruhme
B | 2 - High (Risin')
Produced 2003 | Produced by Cle - Mike Vamp

Love The Machine by Märtini Brös

  • pfr041
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Something you need to know about the Märtini Brös.:

Clé and Mike Vamp are some kind of pioneers of electronic music in germany. And they are always different. One would say better, the other would say special. Everybody says: They are unique. When Poker Flat was launched, Märtini Brös. have always been a solid part within the labels history. They released some great singles, as well as their last fabulous longplayer „pläy““ in summer 2002. Their last single „Boy/Girl“ has been licensed to Superstar Recordings and they played nearly every big festival in 2003 with huge success. After a successful year it‘s time to conclude 2003 with such a big single like „Love The Machine“. Its extraordinary groove makes everyone wanna shuffle and dance and hustle and bustle and move and dance, of course. They know how to love their machines. On B1 it‘s Robag Wruhme, electronic shooting star from Freude-Am-Tanzen/Jena/Germany, one Wighnomy Brother and Musik Krause father, presenting us a brilliant remix. High (Risin) is again to the Märtini Brös., kicking the dancefloor again. One would say: This vinyl is f... unique! And it‘s a kind of appetizer for the forthcoming longplayer to be released in 2004 on Poker Flat Recordings. Word up!