Live In Concert EP - Roskilde Festival 2007
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1 - Take Me Into Your Skin (Live At Roskilde 2007)
Produced by Anders Trentemøller
2 - Snowflake (Live At Roskilde 2007)
Produced by Anders Trentemøller
3 - Into The Trees (Live At Roskilde 2007)
Produced by Anders Trentemøller
4 - Miss You (Live At Roskilde 2007)
Produced by Anders Trentemøller

Live In Concert EP - Roskilde Festival 2007 by Trentemøller

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Danish Producer, Remixer, DJ and Live Performer Anders Trentemøller has risen to the heights of international success

usually only connected with artists in more mainstream, pop realms... His outstanding skills and talent for heart-wrenching melodic moments, fused with his trademark hi-tech dancefloor minimalism, have helped him gain fans across the globe, and blur the boundaries between cutting-edge, underground quality and mass appreciation. 


Trentemøller has proven that he can not only work the dancefloor into a frenzy, but also has an exquisite ear for melodies and song structures that most could only wish for. His numerous singles and remixes, spearheaded by his first two exceptional and award-winning albums, ‚The Last Resort‘ (Poker Flat, 2006), and ‚The Trentemøller Chronicles‘ (Audiomatique, 2007) gained him all manner of praise, from press accolades to a non stop sell-out world tour. After countless requests for live recordings, we were so excited to announce this very special showcase of ‚Trentemøller Live in Concert‘. 


These exclusive recordings of tracks from his first album ‚The Last Resort‘, complete with an ecstatic open-air crowd in the background, were taken from a magical live show at the Roskilde Festival, Denmark, 2007, and need to be heard to be believed! 


The opening synths of the empathic ‚Take Me Into Your Skin‘ prime the crowd for what is about to take place as this timeless, soaring track develops over 10 minutes full of beautiful crescendos and moments of beautiful tension. This ‚Blue Monday‘ sampling live-version of the track, along with the others included here, is made all the more special by the presence of Trentemøller‘s live band members. Joining the man himself are Henrik Vibskov on live percussion and Mikael Simpson on guitar and bass whose expert musicianship throughout the concert tour brought quite a real edge to the project. Following directly on from this track are the subtle complexities of ‚Snowflake‘, a live ambient-electronica-drum and bass jam which

really sets the crowd on fire and showcases the scope of sound that lies within the Trentemøller live experience. 


On a more house orientated tip, ‚Into the Trees‘ is brought alive by Vibskov‘s live percussion and Trentemøller‘s trademark squelching acidic synths, full of just the right amount of tension and rewarding energetic climaxes. Again, to maintain the very special open-air atmosphere (the crowd‘s appreciation is truly overwhelming) the recording is concluded with a stunning version of ‚Miss You‘, the classic final track from ‚The Last Resort‘. This follows the current remix package of ‘Miss You’ (Audiomatique 28) which opens up the possibilities even further with remixes by Pascal FEOS, Pole, Denmark‘s Lulu and Rouge, and Trentemøller too! Essential... 

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Press Feedback:
Pitchfork Media
 It was a truly revelatory set - I wanted to rush home and put The Last Resort on repeat!  
 Introverted extroversion: Trentemøller lit up the Arena-tent in his own unique style, on his own terms 
 Trentemøller‘s Live sound went straight into both, subconscious and the flesh, and made the non-stop dancing crowd lose their heads 
Jyllands Posten
 It‘s common knowledge that Roskilde rocks. On Friday night Anders Trentemøller proved that Roskilde Festival does so much more than just rock 
Berlingske Tide
 What a sight! 25.000 crazy festival go-ers floating 20 centimeters above the ground in pure ecstasy