La Pasion
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Track List:
A | 1 - La Pasion
Produced 2006 | Produced by Argy
B | 1 - Third Night In Lebanon
Produced 2006 | Produced by Argy
B | 2 - The Waves
Produced 2006 | Produced by Argy

La Pasion by Argy

  • pfr074
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Argy takes on the challenge to compose this year's summer soundtrack. From South America, to Africa and Persia, the young artist presents us his global music influences through a modern-electronic sound. On the A-side, "La Pasion", a collaboration with singer Lara Ramos, clearly presents the artist's passion for house music. Argy achieved to produce a modern but old skool sounding latin track, which is definitely going to create a unique atmosphere and set dancefloors on fire. "Third night in Lebanon" takes us on a mental trip of oriental overtones. A reduced percussive piece with an intelligent arrangement of organic sounds consists one of Argy's most interesting works to date. The final track treats us to a sweeter, mood changing experience. "The Waves" is structured around a steady groove of airy and wet percussion layered with intriguing, spacey effects. Once again the young Greek combines innovative production with a raw sound full of passion and soul. Something he simplifies as nothing more than "honest music from the heart".