Keep Off
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A | 1 - Keep Off
Produced 2010 | Produced by Sycophant Slags
A | 2 - Keep Off (Reboot Remix)
Produced 2010 | Produced by Sycophant Slags - Remixed by Reboot
B | 1 - Keep Off (Wighnomy Brother's Remix)
Produced 2010 | Produced by Sycophant Slags - Remixed by Wighnomy Brothers

Keep Off by Sycophant Slags

  • pfrwhite005
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In its original version 'Keep Off' is a tricky, trippy slice of modern underground house. Tight, clean and superbly produced, the track becomes a vessel for the catchy vocals of Mr.C, who's unique flow and 'Sky's The Limit' refrain lift the track into a stand out cut operating on its own higher level. Clearly a serious bomb from these two, we're sure this will be the anthem of many a long night - Sycophant Slags are here and there's no point in trying to hide!

German hero of our times Reboot re-interprets the track into a brooding, crunchy builder. Trademark Reboot percussion and intricate, loose and inspired phrasing steps this track up into a different groove with its freaky-funky swirling undertones. Its a heavy cut to say the least, and we're sure this latest slice of Reboot magic will keep you converted.

Also a couple of long-serving and legendary figures, the Wighnomy Brothers shake up the original into a dark, heavy and brooding minimal funk monster. Full of clever edits, cuts and fx, its a true ode to the brothers talents in the studio. Their 'Detroittobrieflysort-ulle Remix' is really its own beast - making great use of Mr C's vocals yet adding their own narrative of freaked out horn sounds, pianos and pumping club ready beats.

DJ Feedback:
Gruber & Nürnberg
 Perfect Release! Full Support!!! Thanks for the tracks. 5/5 
 Yes Reeboot does it again. Great remix! Also the original and the Wighnomy rmx are great. Full support. 5/5 
Martin Landsky
 Bomb bomb bomb... Original is blasting, the other mixes are good, too... 5/5 
Thomas Schumacher
 Absolute killer remix by the Brothers. Holy cow. I will play this all year. Awesome. 5/5 
 Very nice Wighnomy Remix, also really into the Reboot Remix and the Original! 4/5 
Alland Byallo
 Wow what a record! The WB remix is the one for me! Holy shit what an amazing mix! 5/5 
Benno Blome
 Fantastic! 5/5 
Break 3000 / Dirt Crew
 Excellent ! Real burner.. All 3 mixes! 5/5 
Gregor Tresher
 Original Mix for me, cool and special!! Will play out everywhere. Wighnomy Rmx good as well. 5/5