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A | 1 - Hot
Produced 2003 | Produced by Märtini Brös.
B | 2 - Hot (Brook's Cold Turkey Mix)
Produced 2003 | Produced by Märtini Brös. - Remixed by Andrew James Brooks
B | 3 - Hot (Detroit Grand Pubhas' Dr. Bootygrabbers Ass
Produced 2003 | Produced by Märtini Brös. - Remixed by Detroit Grand Pubahs

Hot by Märtini Brös

  • pfr034
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Just back from the final Australian chapter of the label's World Tour, Poker Flat's own Mike Vamp & Clé aka Märtini Brös. stick their heads out first time in 2003 with a fantastic remix maxi pulled from their groundbreaking debut album 'Pläy' released in summer 2002. First up is Mr. Brooks 'Cold Turkey Mix' which repaints the picture in steal cold colours, whipping beats and a manic soundsetting which redefines the vocals in an abstract light. Andy Brooks from Nottingham, UK, gained a lot attention e.g. with his club hit 'Clix' and his just released first album on Mantis Recordings. No other than the magnificent Detroit Grand Pubahs delivered a stunning Hot remix. Their 'Dr. Bootygrabber's Ass Out Mix' is an ultra-dark reduced excursion which is set to cause a total eclipse. Were there any backward messages? Of course the original version is also included in this hot, cutting edge and maybe most groundbreaking package of the season. As if this wouldn't be enough it has just been announced that the Märtini Brös. started working on the their second album to be released in autumn. On Poker Flat. Und 'alles just for you'.