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A | 1 - Habanero (With Trumpet)
Produced 2009 | Produced by Sven Tasnadi
B | 1 - Habanero (Without Trumpet)
Produced 2009 | Produced by Sven Tasnadi
B | 2 - Piri - Piri
Produced 2009 | Produced by Sven Tasnadi

Habanero by Sven Tasnadi

  • pfr105
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'Habanero' is a tough, tracky concoction of thick bass led percussion, warbling, building sci-fi synths and classy hi-end hats. The unmistakable groove begins low and simply builds upwards, creating a 10 minute cab-ride through ultra-modern tech house, Cuba style! We wont spoil the fun with the tingling breakdown's key moment... but there's also a (Without Trumpet) version on the B1....!

Carrying on the chunky, dramatic vibes, 'Piri Piri' dubs things out as a blissful and unique synth line carries this beautiful journey track along its honest and respectful path. A wonderfully resolute deeper moment from Tasnadi, the phasing vocal stutters and pads play together with the central in delightful harmony, reminding us of the producer's ear for touching and timeless arrangements.

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DJ Feedback:
Ellen Allien
 Yeah all tracks groovy... Good melodies... Fat.. Will play 100000 %! 5/5 
Radio Slave
 Love it... One of my favourite producers that always delivers... 10/10! 
Steve Bug
 Great release! I prefer the non trumpet version on the main track. Piri, Piri is also nice! 5/5 
Simon Flower
 Tasnadi hits it out of the park with Habanero! Low slung, super groovy...and don't mind the trumpets at all:)~ 5/5 
 One of the most powerful EPs I've heard in a while. I love love love the melody and the mood. In the box. Can't wait for the WAX!!!! 
Anja Schneider
 Been a huge fan of Sven. Piri,Piris is for me :) 
DJ Hell
 Nice tunes!!! I will support! 
 Will Play! 4/5 
Oliver Huntemann
 Habanero is nice! Love Piri, Piri, sweet! 
Sebo K
 Piri, Piri is great! Full support. 4/5 
Martin Landsky
 I like both tracks... Good record...! 4/5 
 Piri, Piri is the one for me! 
 Piri, Piri is the one for me, I will try it out. Thx 3/5 
Patrick Chardronnet
 For me Habanero, I like the liquid fx on the percussion and the soft kick... 
Mijk Van Dijk
 Piri, Piri for me, thanks!