Gunslingers And Greenhorns - Poker Flat Volume 9
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CD1 | 1 - Idiot Fair feat. Black Light Smoke (H.O.S.H. and the deer dub)
Produced 2012 | Produced by Adultnapper - Remixed by H.O.S.H. and the deer dub
CD1 | 2 - It Feels Wrong (Lee Curtiss Remix)
Produced 2012 | Produced by James What - Remixed by Lee Curtiss Remix
CD1 | 3 - Who Knows Motor City
Produced 2012 | Produced by Daniel Dexter
CD1 | 4 - Tired of Being Wrong
Produced 2012 | Produced by Tom Taylor & Gareth Whitehead
CD1 | 5 - One Of The Ones
Produced 2012 | Produced by Alland Byallo
CD1 | 6 - Fleurs Du Mal
Produced 2012 | Produced by Roland Appel
CD1 | 7 - Parallel Universe
Produced 2012 | Produced by Alessio Mereu
CD1 | 8 - Seven Hills (Edit)
Produced 2012 | Produced by Steve Bug & Clé
CD1 | 9 - Her Black Wings
Produced 2012 | Produced by Nick Harris
CD1 | 10 - Bliss
Produced 2012 | Produced by Sebastien San
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CD2 | 1 - Zeit
Produced 2012 | Produced by Aeromaschine
CD2 | 2 - Acid Shaking
Produced 2012 | Produced by DJ F.E.X. & Ron Costa
CD2 | 3 - Johns Nu Disco
Produced 2012 | Produced by Stuart Geddes
CD2 | 4 - Siam (Dub)
Produced 2012 | Produced by Ribn
CD2 | 5 - Time Comes
Produced 2012 | Produced by SHOW-B
CD2 | 6 - Indigo
Produced 2012 | Produced by Ian Pooley
CD2 | 7 - Peace Of Mine
Produced 2012 | Produced by Nico Lahs
CD2 | 8 - Lately
Produced 2012 | Produced by Alex Niggemann
CD2 | 9 - It's
Produced 2012 | Produced by Alex Flatner & LOPAZZ
CD2 | 10 - Idiot Fair feat. Black Light Smoke
Produced 2012 | Produced by Adultnapper
CD2 | 11 - Essample
Produced 2012 | Produced by SHOW-B
CD2 | 12 - It Feels Wrong
Produced 2012 | Produced by James What
CD2 | 13 - 2 Points After You
Produced 2012 | Produced by Alessio Mereu
CD2 | 14 - This
Produced 2012 | Produced by Alex Flatner & LOPAZZ
CD2 | 15 - Shipwrecked
Produced 2012 | Produced by Alland Byallo
CD2 | 16 - Madness
Produced 2012 | Produced by Alex Niggemann

Gunslingers And Greenhorns - Poker Flat Volume 9 by Various Artists

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Poker Flat return with their ninth label compilation, uniting some of the brightest talents from their label roster, and also inviting some new names to join their mischievous posse. We'll take you on a whistlestop tour deep into the Wild West of modern house and techno, with producers like Adultnapper, James What, Alland Byallo, Roland Appel, Steve Bug & Clé, Nick Harris, Sebastian San, Ribn, Ian Pooley, Alex Niggemann, Alex Flattner & LOPAZZ and many more besides! Released on Double Cd, Double Vinyl and Digital formats, with over 20 tracks to choose from, 10 exclusive new productions, and a mix from the Poker Flat Sherrif himself Steve Bug, there's more than enough quality to choose from.

CD1 is home to 10 unmixed, fresh tracks including exclusives from newcomers Tom Taylor & Gareth Whitehead with the bassline-odyssey of 'Tired Of Being Wrong' - stirring up the heady classic vibes, and Alland Byallo's 'One Of The Ones' pushing into rolling peak time territories.

Two more exclusives are featured on Disc 1, with NRK label boss Nick Harris contributing 'Her Black Wings', a moody synth led house trip, while acclaimed producer Sebastian San offers up the string-led anthem 'Bliss'. On top of that we find sure fire numbers from the recent PFR catalog, like Adultnapper's 'Idiot Fair' remixed by H.O.S.H, Lee Curtiss' funk-tastic remix of James What's 'It Feels Wrong', or Roland Appel's wonderful 'Fleurs Du Mal'. It's a strong selection from some of the finest gunslingers in the business!

The Bug then takes us on a real trek across scenic landscapes and rocky terrain as he mixes together 16 tracks including a further 6 new exclusives. Aeromaschine heads off the journey with 'Zeit' - a tracky, percussive jam that fits perfectly with Steve Bug's DJ style. Newcomers DJ F.E.X & Ron Costa then have their first chance to shine with the heavy 'Acid Shaking', before London don Stuart Geddes' 'Johns Nu Disco' takes things subterranean and into more late night zones.

Essen's badboys Ribn drop their new weapon in the shape of 'Siam', a bass rolling dub-entwined masterpiece, which is followed closely by veteran proudcer Ian Pooley's techy 'Indigo' - a reminder of his studio skills! In contrast young blood Nico Lahs does very well with 'Peace Of Mine', a carefully executed cut of heavy soulful funk.

The mix continues to elevate with a stampede of class acts, like Alex Flattner & LOPAZZ with the ingenious 'It's', or Allessio Mereu's '2 Points After You'. Steve Bug holds the reins as the mix charges ahead into the burning morning sun, concluding with a showdown between Alland Byallo ('Shipwrecked') and Alex Niggemann's 'Madness' - a deadly dual indeed.



Press Feedback:
baze.djunkiii /
 Scheduled for February 27th is the new Poker Flat Recordings-compilation named "Gunslingers And Greenhorns: Poker Flat Volume 9", showcasing what has happened within the past months on this highly respected imprint and introducing the future with a few fresh names and exclusive tracks physically released as 2xCD and 2x12". Talking the CD version the first part features a bunch of 10 unmixed tracks including - finally! - a dub version of Adultnapper feat. Black Light Smoke's "Idiot Fair", a hyper-tense Lee Curtiss rework of James What's thrilling "It Feels Wrong" alongside exclusive tunes by Sebastien San, NRK-head Nick Harris and others, all underlining the slightly darker musical path that Poker Flat recently took. One more playful exception is Alland Byallo's "One Of The Ones" which is well to be filed under the flag of happier House. CD2 holds a 16 track DJ-mix provided by no one less than Mr. Steve Bug, starting out with at least four exclusive tracks in a row including Aeromaschine's melodious "Zeit" and a dark Chicago-flavored Acid workout named "Acid Shaking" by F.E.X. & Ron Costa, drifts off into dubby spheres with SHOW-B's "Time Comes" and generates a hypnotizing maelstrom somewhat in between Intelligent Techno and dancefloor thrill, sucking the consumers mind in and sending everyone into deeper space - a seductive journey with no return. This mix is essential. 
DJ Mag, UK
 A must-have package for anybody with a penchant for dark, groovy powerhouse techno. 
Resident Advisor, UK
 Showcasing old and new material…enjoy :) 
DJ Mag, Spain
 8/10 Poker Flat once again delivers a state of the underground house nation soundtrack. 
Computer Music Magazine, UK
 Poker Flat consistently prove why Steve Bug's Techno throne is fully deserved. An excellently produced, textured and considered compilation.