Forward To The Past
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A | 1 - Night Time Raw
Produced 2011 | Produced by KiNK and Neville Watson
A | 2 - Funny Green Hat (Altered Mix)
Produced 2011 | Produced by Redshape
B | 3 - Hot For You
Produced 2011 | Produced by Sasse
B | 4 - Jack Shit
Produced 2011 | Produced by TJ Kong & Modular K
C | 5 - Elements Of Fife (Main MIx)
Produced 2011 | Produced by The Revenge
C | 6 - The Maze
Produced 2011 | Produced by Deetron
D | 7 - Feel It (Don't Cha Know)
Produced 2011 | Produced by Clé
D | 8 - Pancake
Produced 2011 | Produced by Ribn

Forward To The Past by Various Artists

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Poker Flat continues to roar ahead into 2011 with a seriously jam-packed new compilation on triple Vinyl, featuring only brand new and exclusive tracks!

'Forward to the Past', according to label boss Steve Bug, 'renders homage to the period between '85 and '92', traversing the heady sounds of Chicago House, Acid, New York House and Early Detroit Techno.

This 4 vinyl release amasses an all star cast from across the board including the talents of Redshape, Ribn, The Revenge, Deetron, Sasse, Clé, KiNK & Neville Watson and more. 'Forward To The Past' takes in many of todays rising talents alongside faithful veterans of the scene. It's really a joy to hear how these top class producers, both vintage and modern, each add their own spin and re-interpret the sounds of the past Complete with audiophile-approved analog tape mastering, and the highest production values around, its a wonderful tribute to the past, present and future of electronic music!

A1. Proto acid moments come courtesy of the modern masters KiNK & Neville Watson, with 'Night Time Raw', while Sasse pumps out a seriously heavy acid attack in 'Hot For You'.

A2. The mighty Redshape gives us his darkly acidic 'Funny Green Hat (Altered Mix), which seriously needs to be heard to be believed!!

B1. Sasse pumps out a seriously heavy acid attack in 'Hot For You'. Around since the early days, he proves he hasn't forgotten those classic arrangements!

B2. Deepsters TJ Kong & Modular K give us their 'Jack Shit' in a slow burning Chi-town groover.

C1. Much-loved newcomer The Revenge contributes 'Elements of Fife', a slow grooving New York / Chicago crossover styled beauty.

C2. Deetron's deep-bomb - 'The Maze' - an amazing journey through the smoke-filled labyrinth.

D1. Berlin mainstay Clé takes us right back with his super funky 'Feel It (Don't Cha Know)', warm and classy.

D2. In all out lush-chorded goodness, the Ribn boys give us their powerful 'Pancake'!


DJ Mag:"'Forward to the Past' is an energy flash of pure hedonistic acid house brilliance with one eye on the past and one on the phuture."

Resident Advisor:"An eclectic cast of artists step up the plate, indulging their love of old school club music."

Tsugi:"A big big yesssssss to this compilation! A collection of songs inspired by beautiful melodies."

XLR8R:"The label's new compilation "renders homage to the period between '85 and '92, traversing the heady sounds of Chicago house, acid, New York house, and early Detroit techno."