Francesca Lombardo Flumen artwork cover
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1. Flumen
2. Psycho

Flumen by Francesca Lombardo

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The Italian-born, classically trained DJ and producer Francesca Lombardo ma- kes her first appearance on Poker Flat with a double tracker entitled 'Flumen'.

Lombardo has forged a unique path for herself in underground circles, buil- ding up a formidable back catalogue of tracks and enviable performances at some of the best party locations in the world. Here, she demonstrates her ma- stery at the controls with two tracks that riff on the theme of water, and how rivers move through time and space.

'Flumen' flows hypnotically, a thick beat that provides the basis for the ominous, unpredictable melodic flourishes around the edges.

'Psycho', as the name suggests, brings things to a climax, a rushing, powerful surge of tech house that ramps up the tension via interwoven synth lines and bubbling bass pulses.