'Everything Is All You Have' EP
Artists :
Track List:
1 | Everything Is All You Have
produced by Tim Engelhardt
2 | Everything Is All You Have (SHOW-B's Chord Dub)
produced by Tim Engelhardt, remixed by SHOW-B
3 | Isa
produced by Tim Engelhardt
4 | Soul In Arp (Beatport Excl.)
produced by Tim Engelhardt

'Everything Is All You Have' EP by Tim Engelhardt

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Tim Engelhardt - the wunderkind from Westerwald, who first came to attention at the age of 16 under the tutelage of Andreas Lindemann - spreads his wings on Poker Flat with a trio of highly cultured techno tracks. After an impressive stream of releases and remixes over the last few years, this is the sound of an artist attaining maturity.

'Everything Is All You Have' evokes early Orbital and the spaciousness of Basic Channel, as Engelhardt layers fine-ly wrought and subtly blended musical elements. It's a magically hypnotic groove on headphones and speaker stacks alike.

The title track is accompanied by a brilliant SHOW-B remix, that comes in a slightly techier vein and strips down the original to add subtle beat layers and a punshier feel.

Last up, the ethereal 'Isa' marries deeper bass to snickering percussion before building to an intricately funky, contrapuntal riff. Nebulous clouds of ambient synth evoke visions of low mountains silhouetted by setting suns: testimony to the stunning local landscapes that have inspired Westerwald's other famous techno son, Dominik Eulberg. 

Here, in collaboration with AUTM, the mighty wobbling bass of 'Soul In Arp' kicks off proceedings, paving the way for a high-definition motorik groove that's simultaneously deadly deep and feather light. Glowing surges of synth add a sunrise feel before a massive crescendo heralds a taut, gritty climax.

Ambitious, accomplished and growing with every release, Engelhardt is surely destined for great things.