Artists :
Track List:
1 | Enigmatism
produced by Tim Engelhardt
2 | Best Night In Cologne
produced by Tim Engelhardt
3 | Best Day In Cologne
produced by Tim Engelhardt
4 | Muse (Beatport Exclusive)
produced by Tim Engelhardt

Enigmatism by Tim Engelhardt

  • pfr170
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Hot on the heels of his much-praised debut 'Everything Is All You Have', Tim Engelhardt delivers the Enigmatism EP, an equally impressive selection of bold, direct and melodically upfront tech house.

The title track - destined to find a home in many a DJ box - begins in relatively unassuming fashion before melodic surges bring it to life. Massive major chords conjure up strobes and hands in the air - a peaktime vibe that's boosted in the final third by the brightest of dancing synth motifs. 

'Best Night In Cologne' is just as melodic - a lilting groove bedecked with playful percussive touches. Teeming with interesting tones and textures, it's the sound of a restless musical intelligence. 

It's daytime counterpart - the second part of a homage to his adopted city - boasts a ping-ponging synth line that hooks the synapses before the tune opens out into a vast panorama.