Down The Sky
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A | 1 - Down The Sky (Argy Remix)
Produced 2008 | Produced by Ryo Murakami - Remixed by Argy
A | 2 - Down The Sky
Produced 2008 | Produced by Ryo Murakami
B | 1 - Coke
Produced 2008 | Produced by Ryo Murakami

Down The Sky by Ryo Murakami

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Tokyo's rising star Ryo Murakami has already put his diverse, electronic sound on the map with the 'Rise' EP on Dessous last year, and received great praise for his track 'My Soul', snapped up by Steve Bug for the Fabric mix series, which was piled high with atmosphere and dark, club energy.

His next 12 includes two new tracks, the title cut being 'Down The Sky', cooly influenced by old school house but also more recent European forays into night music. Ryo demonstrates a heavy aptitude for stripped down futurism, with staccato, jilted beats, joined by layers of padded synth structures, looming somewhere between light and darkness. The merits of carefully weighing out your ingredients, leaving just the right level of detail.