Dead Man's Hand (2CD)
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CD1 | 1 - Behind The Curtains
Produced 2008 | Produced by Steve Bug & Clé
CD1 | 2 - The Whisper Had It (Redshape's Discodub)
Produced 2008 | Produced by Simon Flower - Remixed by Redshape
CD1 | 3 - Relapse
Produced 2008 | Produced by Jeff Samuel
CD1 | 4 - Man High
Produced 2008 | Produced by Martin Landsky
CD1 | 5 - A World Without
Produced 2008 | Produced by Steve Bug
CD1 | 6 - Do It Right (Matty's PFR Mix)
Produced 2008 | Produced by Matthias Heilbronn
CD1 | 7 - Indigo
Produced 2008 | Produced by Dan Berkson & James What
CD1 | 8 - Bright Night
Produced 2008 | Produced by Maik Loewen
CD1 | 9 - Let Me Dance (Sebo K Remix)
Produced 2008 | Produced by Martin Landsky - Remixed by Sebo K
CD1 | 10 - Life Like
Produced 2008 | Produced by Aril Brikha
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CD2 | 1 - Needles (Steve Bug Remix)
Produced 2008 | Produced by Raudive - Remixed by Steve Bug
CD2 | 2 - Organic
Produced 2008 | Produced by Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher
CD2 | 3 - Cold Eyes (version 2)
Produced 2008 | Produced by Martin Landsky
CD2 | 4 - Nightmare
Produced 2008 | Produced by Ryo Murakami
CD2 | 5 - From Buleaux
Produced 2008 | Produced by Märtini Brös
CD2 | 6 - Towards Buleaux
Produced 2008 | Produced by Märtini Brös
CD2 | 7 - Reflections feat. Robert Owens
Produced 2008 | Produced by Dan Berkson & James What
CD2 | 8 - Let Me Dance
Produced 2008 | Produced by Martin Landsky
CD2 | 9 - Momwack
Produced 2008 | Produced by Steve Bug
CD2 | 10 - All Dried Out
Produced 2008 | Produced by Clé
CD2 | 11 - Hidden Pleasure
Produced 2008 | Produced by Steve Bug & Clé
CD2 | 12 - Napping At The Switch
Produced 2008 | Produced by Maik Loewen
CD2 | 13 - Karawane
Produced 2008 | Produced by Märtini Brös
CD2 | 14 - Her
Produced 2008 | Produced by Ryo Murakami

Dead Man's Hand (2CD) by Various Artists

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The start of a new year marks the arrival of the sixth dedicated compilation from the world-renowned and continually expanding Poker Flat imprint. Just like the notorious 'Dead Man's Hand' in a high stakes all-nighter, this double CD release is full of carefully judged mind games and more than a few winning surprises! Compared to previous Poker Flat albums, the Dead Man's hand is taking a deeper route, reflecting the label's latest developments.

The first half of the compilation is dealt out in traditional style by none other than label figurehead and internationally revered DJ and Producer Steve Bug. Bug's success behind the decks somewhat mirrors the success of Poker Flat's inimitable sound, and his 'Compiled by...', unmixed CD shows off exactly that!

Key cuts include the disco versatility of Bug and Clé's 'Behind the Curtains', and the mischievous bass assault of Martin Landsky's 'Man High', the CD shows off all aspects of the rich sound catalogue the label is now associated with. There are some standout remixes from rising stars, like new blood Redshape's deep techno interpretation of Simon Flower's 'The Whisper Had It', and the emphatic Sebo K's remix of Martin Landsky's 'Let Me Dance', which proved to be one of the biggest tracks of the year! In fact, every track is a true gem, with inclusions from previous Poker Flat releases, to future hits surfacing on the label soon, to specially produced material, exclusive to the compilation.

CD 2 contains a fantastic mix presented by key label name and one half of the critically acclaimed Märtini Brös, Clé. The German DJ and Producer, who also collaborates with Steve Bug, has chosen 13 more Poker Flat past and future classics for the 'Dead Man's Hand' Mix. An insistent and techy display of his mixing and track selection skills, the mix opens as it means to go on with the excellent musings of Raudive's 'Needles', remixed by Steve Bug, which blends craftily into an exclusive new funk stomper by Guido Schneider and Florian Schirmacher simply entitled 'Organic'. Later, one of several tracks produced exclusively for this compliation, Ryo Murakami's 'Nightmare' introduces a real late night element to the proceedings, which is deftly followed by a double hit of Märtini Brös, taken from Poker Flat 90.

Further highlights include London duo Dan Berkson & James What's 'Reflections', with a stirring spoken eulogy from house legend Robert Owens, and more seamless cuts from Clé himself, working alone and alongside Bug and Mike Vamp. With the introduction of each new track the mix evolves providing more insight into Poker Flat's recent activities, as well as presenting one the strongest cases so far for Clé as a DJ. Indeed Clé turns to his work alongside Mike Vamp as Märtini Brös to close the mix, with the deep and phasing slice of reduced techno, once again suggesting the longevity of this music, and the sheer scope of sound available on Poker Flat.

'Dead Man's Hand' sums up perfectly the ethos of the label, that is, to produce genre defining electronic music, that works perfectly whether inside the head or on the dancefloor. If the selection, depth and field of music available here says one thing about this label of labels, it is that its Here to Stay, and its not about to start doing things quietly! Here's to Poker Flat in 2008 and beyond.....

The Dead Man's Hand is a two-pair Poker hand, namely 'aces and eights'. The hand gets its name due to the legend of it having been the five-card draw hand held by Wild Bill Hickock at the time of his murder (August 2, 1876). It is accepted that the hand included the aces and eights of both of the black suits. The draw was interupted by the shooting, and he never got the fifth card he was due. Although some claim it was the 9 of Diamonds.