Da Geh Bo
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1 - Da Geh Bo
produced by Martin Landsky
2 - Under The Bridge
produced by Martin Landsky
3 - Da Geh Bo (House Mix)
produced by Martin Landsky

Da Geh Bo by Martin Landsky

  • pfr163
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Reprising his long and fruitful association with Poker Flat, Martin Landsky - elder statesmen and bona fide legend of Berlin's club scene - serves up another superb EP that is more than ample testimony to decades of experience in production and behind the decks at virtually every noteworthy club or festival you might care to name.

Right from the off, 'Da Geh Bo' hits the sweet spot with its booming bass, precision percussion and spacious production values. This is big, bold, upfront tech house garnished with imagination - not least the cut-up vocalizations that zip and echo in the mix.

'Under The Bridge' is equally ballsy, its repetitive stabs demonstrating Landsky's innate understanding for what moves people in both body and mind. Synth drones sweep above you like searchlights over Gotham, soaring up towards a textbook climax.

Rounding things off, the House Mix of the title track marries a hard-hitting kick to a nebula of reverberating synth: a foundation for a swinging, swaying and utterly supersmooth groove.

For vinyl lovers: this is a 180 gr. vinyl pressing!