Collaboratory Remixes Vol. 1
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A | 1 - Like It Should Be feat. Gigi (Ribn's Translucent Vox Remix)
Produced 2009 | Produced by Steve Bug - Remixed by Ribn
B | 1 - Still Music (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
Produced 2009 | Produced by Steve Bug & Donnacha Costello - Remixed by Motor City Drum Ensemble
B | 2 - Passing Clouds (Sven Tasnadi Remix)
Produced 2009 | Produced by Steve Bug & Simon Flower - Remixed by Sven Tasnadi
B | 3 - Passing Clouds (Sven Tasnadi Remix - Long Edit) - DIGITAL!
Produced 2009 | Produced by Steve Bug & Simon Flower - Remixed by Sven Tasnadi

Collaboratory Remixes Vol. 1 by Steve Bug

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The first part of 2 remix packages following the album, Vol.1 carries remixes from Ribn, Motor City Drum Ensemble and Sven Tasnadi.

Ribn, aka Manuel Tur and Langenberg, have exploded recently with releases on their own new platform Mild Pitch, as well as the huge 'Mined EP' on Millions of Moments, and EPs on Josh Wink's Ovum label and Styrax to name a few. Two established and in demand producers in their own right, their deep, dubby and detroit influenced 'Translucent Vox Remix' of 'Like It Should Be feat. Gigi' stands out like a beacon for all to admire. Unfolding slowly and with great tension, Ribn pay respect to Gigi's sultry vocals with an extended tripping intro before dropping into a driving, bassline led jam. Essential!

Continuing the strong vibes, acclaimed producer Motor City Drum Ensemble works the old-school house treatment on Bug and Costello's 'Still Music'. Classic, tough and full of late 80s / early 90s raw drum energy, its a bubbling, key laden acid house workout that refuses to go quietly into the night!

Quick climber Sven Tasnadi has already proven his skills with releases on Smallville, Liebe Detail and of course Poker Flat! His tracky, tight and modern tech house remix of 'Passing Clouds', a collab between Bug and Simon Flower, is full of tension, melancholic synth meanderings and chunky drum drops. Full of attitude, style and finesse its another winner to complete the package.

DJ Feedback:
Funk D'Void (Soma)
 all three remixes are beauties 5/5 
Anja Schneider (Mobilee)
  MCDE Remix is super cool. !!! 
Martin Landsky (Poker Flat)
 wow, great record..all remixes are top notch...motro city drum ensemble is my favourite though, what is not a big love for solid old school house is not a secret =)) 5/5 
John Tejada (Palette)
 really liking the motor city drum ensemble remix. brings me back to happy times long ago. good stuff. thanks. 4/5 
Adultnapper (Audiomatique)
  Great package here. The Sven Tasnadi remix is my favorite. A serious bomb of a track. 5/5 
Oliver Huntemann (Ideal Audio)
 three strong remixes. i like still music most... 4/5 
M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical)
 nice work. like all three tracks. the motor city maybe most... 4/5 
Laurent Garnier (F Com)
Thomas Schumacher (Get Physical)
 Top remixes! Ribn and Danillo both float my boats with their interpretations. Full support. 4/5 
Karotte (Cocoon)
 sven does it again. nice remix from mr. tasnadi. 
Kasper Bjørke (hfn music)
 LOVE the Motor City Drum Ensemble Mix ! 4/5 
Tobitob (Moonbootica)
 Great remix by Ribn. 5/5