Coconut Paradise EP
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1 | Coconut Paradise
produced by Steve Bug
2 | Thick As Mud
produced by Steve Bug
3 | Pants On Fire
produced by Steve Bug

Coconut Paradise EP by Steve Bug

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Not content with presiding over three outstanding labels - Dessous, Audiomatique and Poker Flat (now in its 15th year) - and dusting down his long-dormant Traffic Signs pseudonym for the brilliant "Cookie Jar", Steve Bug finds time in his schedule to spoil you with another stellar release.

The title track "Coconut Paradise" is a masterclass in crisp, high-definition house, as dubby synths, a solid kick and an insistent bass stab form a deeply hypnotic groove. Sustained tones surge in from the distance - all the elements coming together to create a perpetual motion machine.

"Thick As Mud" lives up to its name: this is house music that draws on the deep and deadly palette and spacious arrangements of dubstep and glitch, burnished with snickering percussive repetitions and scything synths.

"Pants on Fire" is a restlessly inventive bricolage of unconventional percussive sounds and textures. Metallic tones ping and bounce deliciously in every direction.

One EP. Three outstanding tunes. Another formidable addition to an impressive discography.

For vinyl lovers: this is a 180 gr. vinyl pressing!