Clovis - Kotelett & Zadak
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1 - Clovis
2 - Syntax
3 - I LFO You

Clovis by Kotelett & Zadak

  • pfr206
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The mysterious pair seemingly from another planet (or at least the north German coast) drop a three-track bomb on Poker Flat Recordings.

Kotelett & Zadak bring a much-needed sense of fun to the floor with their tracks, and this release is perhaps their best yet.

Title track 'Clovis' is full of energy, and the boys utilize a lot of effects to add some spice to their already sizzling groove. It’s full of drama and suspense, with unexpected melodic elements that verge on the cosmic - perfect for that open-air moment.

'Syntax' is a spacey groover also, a thick drum track provides the direction, while inventive samples, stabs and hits provide the fun along the way before a cheeky vocoder voice arrives in the breakdown.

'I LFO You' is a tech house heater - the track has space galore and a perfectly placed synth squiggle to provide the hook.