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A | 1 - Catch
Produced 2005 | Produced by Lima√°on
A | 2 - Joni
Produced 2005 | Produced by Lima√°on
B | 1 - Catch - Sten remix
Produced 2005 | Produced by Lima√°on - Remixed by Sten

Catch by Limaçon

  • pfr062
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Limacon is Christopher T Lee, a DJ (DJCTLee) and producer from Santa Cruz, California and presents his first EP on Poker Flat. The titletrack "Catch" is a subtle pumping Tech-House tune built around a sharp whipping snare which is in contrast to warm synthie-chords. A hinted brief melody pushes the track forward. Hamburg based Sten aka Lawrence aka Peter M. Kersten (one of the founders of Dial Rec and resident DJ at the one and only Click) who just released his fourth album contributes a brilliant remix. Rhythmwise his mix of "Catch" is even tighter than the original. He adds some thrust to the track by turning the hinted melody of the original into a continous rhythm element. "Joni" on A2 is a minimal, but very funky track with it's percussive elements, a rugged kickdrum and a groovy synth-line. Christopher Lee (aka: LimaÁon, aka: DJCTLee) has been bangin solely on hardware since winter of '97. He fell in love with the Nord Lead (1) and his collection of gear rapidly grew. After playing live sets around the San Francisco Bay Area for 6 years, he got tired of lugging that mass of gear around and stepped up his studio work. His first two demos (out of Santa Cruz, California) had a great response and we are happy to present his first release ever. Even though he's been a devoted fan of the electronic music scene since '95 he didn't start to DJ until the spring of '03. Chris' collection has grown rapidly since then, covering a number of genres. His influences range from dubby to funky house to downtempo and IDM.