From Buleaux
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A | 1 - Towards Buleaux
Produced 2007 | Produced by Märtini Brös
A | 2 - From Buleaux
Produced 2007 | Produced by Märtini Brös
B | 1 - From Buleaux (Konrad Black remix)
Produced 2007 | Produced by Märtini Brös - Remixed by Konrad Black

From Buleaux by Märtini Brös

  • pfr090
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Märtini Brös, Clé and Mike Vamp, or in their own words: "the odd couple" is back with a new release!
The two have already been very busy this year producing deeper House sounds under the "Clé and Mike Vamp" moniker ("Ghosts" will appear exclusively on the new Dessous compilation in November), starting work on their third Märtini Brös album and setting up their own clubnight in Berlin's Watergate.

Now the Brös are back on Poker Flat with their new single "From Buleaux" including a brilliant Konrad Black remix.
"From Buleaux" is a cool, snappy track with a nice bassy synth-line from below.
As there are always two camps, one loves vocal songs, the other loves pure intrumental tracks, the a-side includes both 'Towards Buleaux', non-vocal version for purists out there and 'From Buleaux', the vocal peppered song format. Your choice.

On the b-side, Canadian citizen of Berlin and Wagon Repair artist Konrad Black takes things to another level. He concentrates on the clubbing side of things and builds an utterly splendid dancefloor bomb. Pitching on some of the most remarkable bits and pieces, this remix gives the track a new direction, a new and exciting drive and is a perfect addition to this brilliant vinyl.