On The Bridge
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A | 1 - On The Bridge
Produced 2002 | Produced by Glowing Glisses
A | 2 - On The Bridge (Rene Breitbarth Remix)
Produced 2002 | Produced by Glowing Glisses - Remixed by Rene Breitbarth
B | 1 - On The Bridge (Justus Köhncke Remix)

On The Bridge by Glowing Glisses

  • pfr028
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The successful debut release of the Berlin based production crew GLOWING GLISSES "Shaked Ladies" had not just the female parts going freaky and nasty on the floor - the tech-funk burner with the bizarre, p-funkish vocal caused major stir in clubs worldwide. Now the boys come up with their next outstanding production,  the 2nd teaser to their full length album debut "Silver Surfer" on POKER FLAT. This time deeper and moodier with loads of atmospheric, stereo trickery, dub sounds and melancholic vocals dropping to full effect midway through the track - but with edgy beats and a monstrous analogue bassline they retain enough "oomph" for the floor. Remixes are provided by a bunch of Cologne allstars: JUSTUS KÖHNCKE - former member of Whirlpool Prod. and longtime producer in his own right - and RENE BREITBARTH. Breitbarth gives the track a heavy dub slant with offbeat chords and uses psychedelic effects on the vocals that make them float easily over a rock solid beat foundation. KÖHNCKE starts out in a relaxed way with some tweaked synth sounding like a guitar and giving the instrumental a Pop edge. He leaves lots of room for the vocal before adding a dub part with acidic, percussive sounds.