The Bored Hound E.P.
Artists :
Track List:
1 - The Bored Hound
Produced 2010 | Produced by Russ Gabriel
2 - Back To My Senses
Produced 2010 | Produced by Russ Gabriel
3 - Woon
Produced 2010 | Produced by Russ Gabriel

The Bored Hound E.P. by Russ Gabriel

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'The Bored Hound' is a chunky darkroom adventure that skips and jumps across a tightrope of synth themes, carried by a heavy bassline and clean, crisp percussion. Its a battle of dark vs light, as Russ' acidic outlines describe a rather beautiful beast. Tight and unmissable, its acid house 2010 style.

'Back To My Senses' also professes Russ' love for rippling, rotating basslines. Freaky, reduced and pumping, this track could carve a path right through your brain and deep into the sub-conscious.

Taking the trip deep into totally unexplored territories, 'Woon' is a shockingly cool and collected track that combines droning, spacial atmosphere's with trademark Gabriel drum pressure. Watch out for this monster as it creeps up on you through the fog and the lasers!

Finally things get jacking with the urgent tones of 'Prey Tell'. An evasive, running synth theme dances across a funked out 909 pattern that builds and builds as more snippets of micro melody are brought to the fore.

More than enough tasty action from Russ to keep fans of his unique, forward reaching productions happy!